Man Shot, Possibly Paralyzed, Answering Knock at the Door

Answering a knock at the door left a man fighting for his life and likely paralyzed if he survives.

The 21-year-old victim was shot just before 1 a.m. after he answered the door of his home along the 5300 block of Osage Avenue in West Philadelphia.

When police arrived they found the badly injured man on the front porch.

He was shot multiple times, said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

One bullet hit the man in the shoulder, another in his back and a third bullet grazed his head.

The man was rushed to the Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania in critical condition.

“It’s unknown if he’s going to survive these gunshots,” Small said.

Small said the man likely would be paralyzed if he survives.

The man’s family told police that the man was inside the house when he answered the door and was shot at point-blank range as he stood in the doorway.

After pulling the trigger, the suspect ran away.

Police didn’t release a motive for the shooting.

The victim wasn't cooperating with investigators.

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