Extreme Heat Wave: Smashing Records This Week/end


We hit 94 in Philadelphia on Friday. 94 is a kind of been there, done that type of heat. We’ve gotten to 94 four times in the past ten days. However, Saturday’s high of 98 is a different story. We haven’t gotten to 98 since July of 2013.

As temperatures near triple digits this weekend, Philadelphians are eager to escape the heat. NBC10’s Randy Gyllenhaal sees what some people in the region are doing to stay cool.

It’s all thanks to a massive dome of heat prompted by a giant dome of high pressure bringing in wind from the West Southwest. If you’re wondering why we’re hitting 92 on the beach at the shore, it’s because of that wind (and yes, we’re hitting the 90s on the sand at the shore, sorry.) Needless to say, the burn time is an exceptionally quick 10 minutes, so sunscreen is a must, as is lots and lots of water.


Saturday is our Clear The Shelters day here at NBC10, so whether you’re adopting a pet or have had one for a while, we cannot stress the importance of not leaving your pet (or your kids) in a closed car, even with the windows cracked. It takes just 60 minutes for your closed up car to hit 140 degrees in our weather, which is the temperature you cook steak to, so make sure you pay extra attention to this.

Sunday will be slightly cooler, 97 in Philadelphia and 90 at the Shore. We’ll be within a degree of Philadelphia’s record on Sunday. The humidity will creep up a bit on Sunday, as well. That means the 97 will feel somewhere around 102-104.


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The high 90s roll right through to Monday, when we top out at 99, a new record for the day and a feat we haven’t accomplished on any day in the calendar in over four years.

On top of that 99, it will be very humid, so that 99 will feel close to 110 degrees. A heat that high combined with bad air quality means you shouldn’t be doing any physical activity outside (we give you permission to take the day off) and you should stay indoors as much as possible. There are also some storms rolling through for Monday.


We’re looking at an eight day heat wave here, as temperatures head to the mid-90s for Tuesday and Wednesday and then the sweet, sweet relief of low-90s for Thursday and Friday (not sure 90 counts as relief, but hey…we’ll take what we can get.)

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