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Police Search for Owner of Dog That Attacked Man and German Shepherd in Park

The owners of the injured dog say they've spent more than $5,000 on medical bills so far.

Police are searching for a woman who they say left a park without identifying herself after her pit bull attacked a man and his German Shepherd, leaving the dog severely injured and his owners knee deep in medical bills.

Vincent Granton was walking his 4-year-old German Shepherd Bruno at Memorial Park on Cooper Road and Carl Hasselhan Drive in Waterford Township, New Jersey back on December 22 around 3 p.m. While Granton and Bruno were walking they saw an unidentified woman with a medium-sized brown Pit Bull Terrier coming towards them. Granton said the Pit Bull then got off its leash and attacked both him and Bruno.

“I was reaching down to try and get the other dog away,” Granton said. “I was actually punching the dog to get him away. He would back up and then he’d come forward again. This was going on like three, four times.”

Granton told NBC10 the attack lasted around ten minutes. He suffered gashes on his arm while Bruno suffered more severe injuries, including a puncture wound on his right side and a two-inch gash in the back of his mouth.

“Blood pouring out of Bruno’s mouth,” Granton said. “I thought he was going to die because the dog would not let go.”

Granton said the woman grabbed her pit bull and left without identifying herself. Since the attack, Bruno has spent several days in the hospital.

Granton and his wife Maria say treatment for Bruno’s injuries has cost them more than $5,000 so far. They’re also not sure whether or not the pit bull that attacked Bruno had rabies.

“It’s just been really difficult on the family too. Not just him being injured but also my husband and then, you know, the stress on both of us,” Maria said while in tears.

The pit bull’s owner is described as a medium-built white woman in her early 50s with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair standing 5-foot-8. Police also say her dog may have bit her during the incident and she may have an injury as a result.

If you have any information on her identity, please call Waterford Township Police at 856-783-4900. Vincent and Maria are also offering a $500 reward to anyone who can help them find the woman and the pit bull.

“This is a dangerous dog to come after a man and a dog who’s in a sitting position, unprovoked,” Maria said. “This is a dog that shouldn’t be out in the street.”

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