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#Delabear: At Least 3 Bear Sightings in Wilmington Area

Delaware State Police say people reporting spotting a bear in the North Wilmington area Wednesday morning

What to Know

  • Delaware State Police say people reporting spotting a bear at least three times in the North Wilmington area Wednesday morning.
  • Some have dubbed the incidents the work of the #Delabear.
  • We have tips on what you should do if you spot a bear.

At least one bear is on the loose in the Wilmington area.

There were at least three bear sightings between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. Wednesday in the North Wilmington area, Delaware State Police.

The first #Delabear (as some have dubbed it) spotting was in the I-95 in the area at the I-495 split, police said. A bear was then spotted along Manor Avenue at Philadelphia Pike before turning up in the I-95 area of Concord Pike.

“These reported incidents have been sightings only and there have been no direct encounters nor injuries,” police said in a news release.

It is unclear at this point if more than one bear could be responsible for the sightings.

It's not unusual to spot a black bear in Delaware, the DNREC Division of Fish & Wildlife said. Not approaching the bear is a good idea.

Police and wildlife officials suggest you slowly back away and seek shelter then call 911 if you spot a bear, or any other wild animal. You can also call the Fish & Wildlife Natural Resources police at 800-523-3336.

Bear attacks are rare but can happen.

Some of the things that attract bears include garbage, bird seed and pet food. Don't try to feed the bears.

BearWise offers more tips for anyone who happens upon a bear including making lots of noise with pots and pans (don’t try to imitate the bear) to scare off the animal, giving the bear a clear escape route and removing any attractants. If the bear spots you, you should stay calm and lightly wave your arms to help the bear recognize you as human, the National Park Service says.

Both BearWise and the NPS have more tips about what to do if a bear gets aggressive.

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