Relaxing After the Race

Congratulations! You made it past race day, but that doesn't mean the excitement is over. The next few days are all about recovering from the race and basking in the glory of your accomplishment. It is also a great time to review how you did on race day and start setting goals for your next race or event.

Learn from your run

If you kept a training log, now is a good time to record your race-day performance. Make a note of your pre-race goals and if you met them or not. Think about what led to your success or stood in your way. What would you do differently if you raced this course again?

Other information you might want to include in your race-day log entry include:

  • your overall time and place;
  • your pace and how and when it varied;
  • thoughts on how you could improve your performance;
  • the sneakers and clothes you wore;
  • your pre-race meal and anything you consumed during the race;
  • the weather and temperature;
  • what you did for a cool down;
  • whether or not you would run this race again next year.

Calculate your pace

If you haven't figured it out yet, go ahead and calculate your average speed per mile. Simply divide your finish time (in minutes) by 10. For example, a finish time of 83 minutes equals an average pace of 8.3 minutes per mile. You can find your official finish time on the Blue Cross Broad Street Run's website, under the Results tab in the navigation.

Look at the big picture

If a picture speaks a thousand words, how many miles is a finish-line picture worth? Take a peak at your finish-line photo. Order a few copies — or a few million — to wow your mom, amaze your friends, and remind yourself that you did it!

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