Bear That Roamed Northwest Philadelphia All Day Finally Caught

The bear's capture follows sightings earlier in the day as well as a sighting Wednesday in nearby East Falls.

A bear initially seen in Philadelphia's Andorra section Thursday afternoon that successfully eluded capture for most of the day was finally nabbed shortly after 6 p.m.

The 100-pound, 2-year-old cub was hit with a tranquilizer dart Thursday but continued to roam in a wooded area near the Andorra Shopping Center.

Hours later, the State Game Warden shot the bear with another tranquilizer dart. The bear was found sleeping and taken without incident by animal control officers to State Game Lands in Hamburg, Pennsylvania.

Witnesses previously spotted the creature hiding in the bushes around Manatawna Avenue.

As many as two dozen Philadelphia police officers and local animal control officers searched the Andorra and Roxborough neighborhoods near Ridge Avenue.

The latest bear sightings follow another sighting Wednesday in East Falls. It was unclear, however, if the bear in Roxborough and Andorra was the same one spotted in East Falls.

The warden believes the bear's mother kicked him out and he was looking for a new territory. The cub was taken to Game Land in Hamburg.

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