‘Always Coming Here for Free Food': McDonald's Worker Talks About Teens Who Attacked Her

The McDonald's worker said none of her co-workers called 911 during the prolonged attack inside and outside the fast food chain restaurant

What to Know

  • A teen McDonald's worker was brutally beaten by four boys after she refused to give them free food.
  • The attack occurred Wednesday night at the McDonald's on Broad Street and Hunting Park Avenue.
  • Charm Sullivan was found unconscious outside the restaurant and that she was hit by a brick during the attack. No one called 911, she says.

A Philadelphia McDonald’s worker brutally attacked and beaten unconscious by a group of teen boys said she wouldn't risk her job because a group of kids wanted free food.

Charm Sullivan was beaten unconscious Wednesday by other teenagers at her job inside a McDonald's in the Hunting Park section of North Philadelphia. She said the same group of guys are always coming into the fast food store.

On Wednesday, one of the kids even jumped behind the counter, Sullivan told NBC10 in an interview. (Watch her full interview in the video above.)

"I'm not giving them no free food," she said. "They come in there all the time."

The teen boys then attacked her and followed her when she tried to escape and go to the bathroom, Sullivan said.

Family members say a 17-year-old female McDonald’s worker was brutally beaten by a group of teen boys after she didn’t give them free food. NBC10’s Aaron Baskerville speaks to the victim’s cousin as police search for the people responsible.

The beating spilled outside where Sullivan was later found unconscious between two cars in the restaurant’s parking lot.

Sullivan's cousin shared photos of her cousin whose right eye and lips were bruised and swollen.

NBC10 visited the McDonald’s Thursday night. A manager at the restaurant refused to talk to us.

Sullivan added that no one inside the McDonald's, including her co-workers, called 911 during the attack.

Philadelphia police are searching for the teens involved in the attack. They have not yet released descriptions of the attackers.

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