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Police Officer Catches a Special Delivery

A New Britain Township police officer springs into action



    Police Officer Catches a Special Delivery
    New Britain Township Police Department
    Officer Bob Burkhardt

    Police Officer Bob Burkhardt goes about his overnight shift like every other, ready for any call. 

    That was until he was dispatched to a home in the 200 block of Lochalsh Drive in New Britain Township around 2:19 a.m. Thursday. The call was for a pregnant woman who needed help, but Burkhardt wasn't sure what kind of help.

    Within in minutes of the officer's arrival, he "rolled up his sleeves" and delivered the baby.

    "I walked inside and the lady was laying there on the floor with her husband nearby," said Burkhardt. "It was pretty obvious the baby was going to come out."

    After 25 years on the police force, Burkhardt thought he'd seen it all. Well, almost.

    "I've been hit, kicked and shot at," he said. "Everything except deliver a baby. It doesn't happen too often." 

    With the help of the Chalfont EMS, the baby "popped out right onto the blanket."  The father was able to cut the umbilical cord. Burkhardt held the baby. 

    "I have three kids myself, all c-sections. I never saw a natural delivery. It's an unbelievable thing, a miracle from God," said Burkhardt.

    The New Britain Township Police Department posted the good news on their Facebook page. The posting has received a barrage of "thatta boys."

    Joe Warriner wrote: "Multi talented, protector & deliverer of babys. Nice work."

    Ginny Kokemor Heinlein posted: "Great job Burkhardt. Glad to know that our local police department is prepared for any sitiation. Proud to live in New Britain Twp."

    The mother and newborn baby boy are doing fine. Burkhardt looks forward to visiting the baby and family sometime next week.