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Caught on Camera: A.C. Boardwalk Shooting

Surveillance cameras capture bullets flying into a crowd of people



    (Published Thursday, July 7, 2011)

    Surveillance cameras captured it all -- bullets flying into a crowd of people just off Atlantic City's famous boardwalk early Tuesday morning, after the city's Fourth of July celebration.

    "The younger kids, they don't think twice about pulling out a gun and shooting somebody," the father of one of the victims told us. "It's a tragedy. Kids can't go to Atlantic City and walk down the boardwalk without something like this happening."

    The Vineland man didn't want to be identified, but it was his 17-year-old son who was shot in the leg around 1 a.m. outside Bally's Casino on Michigan Avenue. A bullet also hit his 22-year-old stepson in the chest.

    "I want to see them get caught," the father said.

    Father of Shooting Victims: Boardwalk Not Safe

    [PHI] Father of Shooting Victims: Boardwalk Not Safe
    A father of two shooting victims questions the safety of Atlantic City's famous boardwalk after the post-holiday violence outside Bally's casino.
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    (Published Thursday, July 7, 2011)

    So do investigators. They want to find the man who they say pulled out a gun and started shooting, following a fight between two groups. The victims were among close to 150-thousand people in A.C. for the resort's fireworks a few hours earlier.

    "This appears to be a spontaneous type of thing, unrelated to any prior motives," said Atlantic County Prosecutor, Ted Housel.

    Police are also trying to track down a second person of interest (pictured on the right) who they say may have been with the alleged trigger man, and witnessed the shooting. They believe both persons of interest are from the Atlantic County area.

    Authorities believe the trouble actually started inside Bally's.

    "There's footage that seems to indicate some type of mouthing off at least, that occurred back in the casino, that ended up on the street," said Housel.

    A gun was recovered at the scene.

    Both victims are out of the hospital.

    Atlantic City and the state of New Jersey are trying to improve the resort's image, and authorities insist this could have happened anywhere.

    "You get 150,000 people together from outside, you're going to get some not-so-nice people," said Housel.