Brr! It's Cold Out There

The first of two clippers crossed the area this morning. And helped to open up a gateway of very chilly air from Canada. 

Wednesday will be breezy and cold; with a high of 28 degree.  We'll see a repeat performance on Thursday.

Then a second clipper comes through Thursday.  And the air behind this system is even colder!

We are sure to see the coldest air of the season -- perhaps the coldest in years.

After a period of snow, the blast will move into the area Thursday afternoon. Temps will fall during the afternoon as strong winds pick up.

Expect wind chills to drop below zero.

Be prepared for temperatures to fall into the single digits Thursday night.

Friday you can expect frigid winds. Temperature -- a high of 18 degrees.

There won't be much relief over the weekend, as the extreme cold will last through Sunday morning.

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