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One Year of Firsts: Take a Fencing Lesson

Day 28



    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change. ~Author unknown, commonly misattributed to Charles Darwin

    Let me just say that no one should ever put a pointed weapon in my hand and say "ADVANCE"!

    Fencing is so outside my realm. Challenging, very physical, but it's dance like too. I was told you'd have to practice three years before you have an idea of what you're doing. I believe that! Here's Patrick at the Philadelphia Fencing Academy trying to keep me from poking my eye out.

    This is so cool. I'm intrigued with the whole way you move.  I muddled my way through a beginners class.  Learned a lot.  I now have a great appreciation for the sport and pretty sure I'm not ready to commit to it. But what a great first. A real rush  for just a moment to think I could be a female Errol Flynn.  Advance, retreat, lunge...(take that) Touche.

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