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Swarthmore's "Snakie" Found After 10 Days on Loose



    Swarthmore's "Snakie" Found After 10 Days on Loose
    Twitter/ Liz Bouvette
    Linda Spiegel reunited with pet boa constrictor.

    "Snakie," a 7-foot-long boa constrictor who slithered away from his Swarthmore home 10 days ago, has been found.

    "I'm so relieved. I was so afraid someone would hurt him," said Linda Spiegel.

    The 23-year-old snake, which its owners described as "friendly" when it first disappeared, say they got the call they'd been waiting for this afternoon.

    "The police chief called and said, 'We think we found him,'" said Spiegel.

    "Snakie" vanished from the backyard of Dr. David Spiegel's veterinary practice on 400 Yale Avenue in Swarthmore on August 12. Dr. Spiegel says during the summertime, they give "Snakie" the privilege of being outside among nature.

    His wife, Linda, who is thrilled to be reunited with the snake that's been a member of their family for 18 years, says "Snakie" won't be allowed outside again anytime soon.

    "Snakie is in his room," said Spiegel.

    In its 10 days in the wild, "Snakie" slithered a very short distance of 0.1 miles away to a home on the 300 block of Vassar Avenue.

    Swarthmore Police say a homeowner found "Snakie" in their backyard and gave them a call around 1:30 p.m.

    Liz Bouvette is neighbors with the woman who found the snake. Bouvette says she's been pretty nervous since she saw NBC10's report last week about "Snakie."

    "I'm terrified of snakes," said Bouvette, who added that her neighbor was not quite as scared.

    "She was gardening and she saw it, she put it around her shoulder like it was no big deal," said Bouvette.


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