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You can now shop with a ‘Wingmate' who isn't flying at Philadelphia International Airport

Got a 'Wingmate' who isn't flying with you?

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You can now bring a "Wingmate" with you to Philadelphia International Airport for your next flight.

PHL announced on Thursday the new "Wingmate" program that allows non-ticketed people to join passengers on the other side of airport security.

"Whether you're supporting family in their journey to their gate or planning a heartwarming surprise for a friend arriving on a domestic flight, a Wingmate Pass will get you there," PHL says the webpage for the new program.

The new program starts in November.

PHL is promoting its "140 restaurants, bars and shops, and award-winning art exhibitions," accessible through the program.

The new program could serve parents or caretakers sending off a child or other loved one one a flight without them or give friends a chance for that Hollywood airport moment. A video promoting the new program shows an adult and a child shopping inside the terminals. The same video also shows two women hugging and sharing a coffee after one gets off a plane.

There is a four-step process to using a Wingmate pass. The airport says people must first apply 1 to 7 days before travel, people will then receive a digital pass that must be presented at "PHL’s D/E or A-East security checkpoint for entry with your approved digital Wingmate Pass and government issued photo ID."

A Wingmate holder will have access to deals, but PHL didn't immediately reveal the cost of the passes.

More questions? PHL's Wingmate page has more details.

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