This Is Such a Chase Utley Milestone

Remember that epic quote from Chase Utley about being hit by pitches?

"Do I like it?" Utley said last season. "I mean, I don't dislike it."

Yeah, he wasn't kidding.

Utley took one square in the arm Tuesday night, like we've seen him do so many times before, where he barely even flinches in the box as the ball comes sizzling to the plate.

It was just one of many in the 39-year-old's career, but this plunking was notable and the Dodgers knew it. The hit by pitch was the 200th of Utley's career.

Utley, of course, took 173 of those off the body in a Phillies jersey, making him the organization's all-time leader, with Mike Lieberthal in second with 88.

"The Man" hasn't changed his ways in Dodgers blue. Utley had a big HBP in the World Series last season and No. 26 ranks eighth all-time in baseball history among the category.

Tuesday's hit by pitch was No. 1 of the 2018 season.

Knowing Utley, it won't be his last.

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