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Stars in NBA Finals Say They Don’t Want White House Invite

[CSNPhily] Stars in NBA Finals say they don't want White House invite

It doesn't seem like the NBA is going to have to go through this charade in a few months. 

Neither the Cavaliers nor the Warriors - both are in the NBA Finals now - are going to go the White House for a celebratory visit. 

Some star players from both teams were asked about President Donald Trump's decision to disinvite the Eagles to the White House, a visit that was supposed to happen today. 

Trump's disinviting a team to the White House wasn't a method reserved for the Eagles. In fact, he told the Warriors they weren't invited after Golden State won the NBA championship last year. 

When the president disinvited the Eagles, he claimed the team disagreed with him insisting that "they proudly stand for the National anthem," although every Eagles player during the 2017 regular season and playoffs stood during the anthem. 

While the NFL recently passed a new rule in the hopes to eliminate protests during the national anthem, the NBA actually has a rule that requires players to stand during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

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