Reid: I Still Have a Home in Philly

Reid continued to take the high road, having nothing but positive things to say about the Eagles, the fans and Philadelphia

Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid spoke exclusively with NBC10's Vai Sikahema Monday afternoon. The interview followed an earlier press conference in which the Chiefs formally introduced Reid as their new head coach.

During the interview, Reid talked about the Eagles' struggles towards the end of his 14-year tenure.

"Sometimes when you're there a long time things get out of wack," said Reid. "That was my responsibility. Nobody else's. It was important that we all pulled together in the situation. But there was a lot of change. You had an old football team that ended up being a new football team. We were rebuilt. When you lose your players there's no time to take a step back and move forward. You don't have that grace period to get those young guys in and lift them up."

Reid also had advice for the team and the fans as they continue on with a new coach. 

"So now they have that opportunity," said Reid. "For this next guy coming in they need to give him that. The city of Philadelphia should give him that. Give him a couple years to build that thing and get it back ferocious again."

Vai also asked Reid about recent criticisms from his former players Jeremiah Trotter and Hugh Douglas.

"I completely understand," said Reid. "Those are my guys. I was honest with them and they're honest back. Whatever they say, that's what they say. I know what change does. There are going to be things said. There are going to be things said even in years going down here. I got it and I understand."

After the interview, Reid addressed the rest of the Philadelphia media during a conference call. During the call, Reid continued to take the high road, having nothing but positive things to say about the Eagles, the fans and Philadelphia.

“The fan base is great,” said Reid. “They care about people. The organization is great.”

When asked why it took so long for him to address the Philadelphia media since he was hired as the Chiefs head coach, Reid claimed that he felt like he needed to step back and do it at what he felt was the right time.

“It’s important that the fans know how much I love Philadelphia,” said Reid. “I still have a home in Philadelphia. I wish nothing but the best for the city.”

NBC10 asked Reid if he felt like he was treated fairly by the Eagles fan base. 

“The fans care,” replied Reid. “All that mattered to me was that they cared. They were real. If we stunk, they told us we stunk. If we were good they told us we were good. That’s all you can ask for as a football coach.”

While Reid praised the Eagles and the fan base, Reid also agreed that a change was necessary not only for himself but for the Eagles organization.

“I look at the big picture of things,” said Reid. “Sometimes change is a good thing.” 

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