Pence on Food, Music & Crazy Fans

We sit down for 5 (plus) questions with the Phillies right fielder

Phillies right fielder Hunter Pence stopped by the NBC10 Studios Monday morning to promote his upcoming “Let’s Go Eat” Food & Fun Fest.

Before going on the 10! Show Pence answered a few questions for’s Philthy Stuff blog where we learned the measures some fans take to show their love and the places where Pence likes to eat.

1. Where in Philly do you like to eat?

"There’s so many good restaurants in Philly -- I’m still exploring -- everyone has all these great recommendations... Lots of great food here and I enjoy it, I love Philly."

Osteria, Davio’s, Amada, Talula’s Garden and Del Frisco’s all made Pence’s list.

2. Growing up, who was your favorite baseball player?

"That’s such a tough question -- I liked a lot of players. The first one I can remember as I was real young and still in Arlington... was Nolan Ryan. Everyone would always talk every time he pitched."

3. What’s more exciting, hitting a home run or throwing a guy out at the plate?

He paused for a second before his answer.

"Winning! It’s a new philosophy I have but whenever you play just try to win somewhere -- sometimes it’s not happening for you at the plate then try and make a good defensive play. The big thing is winning.

"They’re both wonderful. I think I would say hitting a home run but robbing a home run is better than hitting a home run."

4. What’s the best concert you’ve seen?

For a music fan like Pence this was a tough question to answer.

"I love music -- I’ve had a lot of good (concerts). There’s been some small ones I’ve been to that I’ve had a tremendous amount of fun. There’s a small band I really like called Taddy Porter... I remember when they took the stage I was like ‘this has got to be weird’ you know, looking at them. But then when they played they were having fun, they were into it, they were wild and it was this kind of Southern Rock thing that was really cool... check them out if you have a chance."

As for bigger acts.

"I got to see Korn one time and that was favorite band at one time... it was just a great time."

5. What’s the craziest thing a fan has ever sent or given to you?

This happened soon after Pence was traded to the Phillies last season.

"The craziest one was a DHL pen. The guy was just driving his DHL truck and he just hopped out in the middle of the street and gave me the pen."

We also got to find out how Pence feels about the number on his back.

"Actually the only number I tried to copy was my brother’s number -- my big brother was No. 7. So the first time they asked me what number I wanted to be I wanted to be 7 and unfortunately that one was already given away so I had to be 8. As soon as I got 8 I stuck with 8 for as long as I could.

When you get to the majors it’s kind of whatever they give you. I was like 83 or something at my first spring training. Whenever I finally got called up they just had 9 for me and I was like, ‘cool I’ll stick with 9.’ But, when I got traded to Philly, I’m actually really happy with 3 because Babe Ruth was 3 -- that’s pretty cool."

So might he pitch as well like Ruth did -- have his own Wilson Valdez moment?

"I do have a funky arm angle so I don’t know," he said with a laugh.

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