Nick Foles Reacts to a Guy With a Nick Foles Back Tattoo

The past few months have been a wild ride for all Philadelphia Eagles fans. But there is no one person it has been wilder for than Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles.

His journey has been the stuff of a Disney movie and his faith has been inspirational to so many.

Foles recently sat down with a childhood friend for a wide-ranging chat in the Huffington Post that touched on many of the expected topics: his road from almost walking away from football to hoisting the Lombardi trophy, his faith in god, the importance of his family, his experience being such a hero to the entire city of Philadelphia, and much more.

My favorite anecdote from the Q&A was when Nick was asked about the weirdest fan encounter he's had.

Nick: The tattoo things are pretty crazy. I met a guy at a signing the other day - his whole back was me with a trophy on the "Rocky" steps.

Interviewer: Wow. Was it a good tat? What did you say?

Nick: I mean, it was his whole back. Forever. There's not much you can say. I was like, "That's cool, man." That's there forever.

He goes on to talk about how great Eagles fans are and how it's more than simply being a fan. It's about family.

One of the more hilarious anecdotes comes up when Nick is asked if he has any vices. He doesn't really drink much but will sometimes enjoy a "hard dry cider" and when he eats a bag of chips it's "the healthiest chips you can get, made with coconut oil and stuff like that."

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That's cool, man.

Foles also spoke about knowing he could be prepared for the Super Bowl and his body reacting to it once the game actually started. Somehow, he said he was incredibly calm on the big stage.

I didn't know how my body was going to respond, because it's such a big stage. You know how you're going to prepare, but you never know until you step on that field how it's going to happen. Because you always prepare to succeed, but guys have bad games. My focus was staying in the moment, staying present. It's easy to look at the big picture and freak out, but we say, "Be where your feet are." Like right now, I'm present, I'm talking to you. That's where I am. My mind isn't wandering. And with that it sort of clears the clutter in your mind. Every day I get up, make coffee, read scripture. I was journaling every day during that time, because there were so many emotions I was dealing with, for leaving the team and being in that situation.

So I felt good going into the game, but I remember sitting there for the national anthem, and I was taking everything in. And I knew the first play of the game was a pass, and on that play I'd sort of get an idea of how my body's doing, how my heart's doing, how my mind - like, is everything calm? Then I dropped back, our first read was covered and did a hard reset all the way across the field and threw it to Nelson Agholor for a completion, and I remember right then I thought, I feel really really good. It was probably the most relaxed I've ever played in a game, was in the Super Bowl, because I was just very present. The stage didn't get too big.

And I really believe the reason I was so calm is because I have great teammates and that they're very talented and work hard and do what they're supposed to do.

What a team. What a quarterback. What a story.

The whole Q&A is probably worth the read for any Birds fan.


And here are some Nick Foles tattoos just for kicks.

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