Duce Staley Named Offensive Coordinator for East-West Shrine Game

This year's East-West Shrine Game will be the first where NFL coaches will lead both sides. 

And one of the Eagles' top position coaches will be involved. 

Running backs coach Duce Staley has been named the offensive coordinator for the East team, under head coach Bretson Buckner, who is the Cardinals' defensive line coach. 

In addition to Staley, Eagles assistant QBs coach/quality control coach Press Taylor will coach the East's quarterbacks and assistant secondary/quality control coach Dino Vasso will coach the East's defensive backs. 

The NFL in December announced a new partnership with the all-star game that will allow coaches to run both teams for the practice week and game in Florida. 

It will be a chance for coaches like Staley, Taylor and Vasso to test out a possible future position. Staley should get a chance to call plays next Saturday, a new role for him. 

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While many NFL staffs jump at the opportunity to coach in the Senior Bowl each year in Alabama, this will be another chance for teams to see some prospects and get to know them a little better before the draft. 

"You get a chance to see them on the field because you're scanning the land as a coordinator," Staley said, via the Eagles' website. "You're looking at different position drills as opposed to being a position coach where you're around your guys a majority of the time and you have blinders on so you're basically focusing on them."

According to the Eagles, a few of their players have played in the game in the past: Beau Allen, Brandon Brooks and Rodney McLeod.

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