Mets All Talk — No Game

Can someone please stick a sock in the mouth of Carlos Beltran? Two years in a row, his New York Mets blew first-place leads in September and lost the last game of the season in their own ballpark to miss the playoffs.

On Thursday, Beltran had a response for Phillies' ace Cole Hamels after calling his team a bunch of choke artists back in December: "The only thing that I know is he [Hamels] will be watched every time he faces us. Hopefully we kill him and then he'll have to deal with the situation," Beltran said.

This is the third straight year the Mets have tried smack talking the Phillies, but they have yet to show any game on the field to back the talk up.

Beltran came out in spring training last season and called the Mets the team to beat after they signed Johan Santana.

Even with a solidified ace in 2008, September rolled around and the Mets bit the dust. The Mets' staff and players must be pretty good golfers -- we all know they had enough time to practice their swing while the Phils made their World Series run.

Now Beltran is bashing the Phils' ace, one of the best young pitchers in the game. Hamels isn’t telling us anything we already didn’t know. Come on, losing first-place leads in September two straight seasons qualifies as choking.

Hamels has also proven he can excel under pressure being the NLCS and World Series MVP last season. He was the true definition of “clutch” in the post season.

When Beltran signed his seven-year contract in New York, he claimed by the end of it, he would have five championships. With only three years left, he has yet to even win even one championship.

The Phillies on the other hand talk a good game AND have backed it up on the field. They are the defending champions and have all the leverage in this rivarly coming into the season.

Here’s a good word of advice for Beltran and the rest of the loser Mets, SHUT UP!

It’s becoming more humerous listening to these chokers bash Phillies players.

Let me be frank with you, Beltran: Deliver in the clutch when it counts.

Let’s remember this same core of Mets players were a part of the biggest collapse in MLB history blowing a seven-game lead in September 2007 -- Taking the title away from the 1964 Phillies team.

Some will say this is the trilogy between the Mets and Phillies. The Mets and their fans hold hope that this year will end differently than the past two, but just as the original and the sequel, the Phillies will stomp on their parade.

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