Bears Fans Feeling “Blues” Over Eagles Cartoon

The Eagles have raised some eyebrows with their multimedia splash cartoons teasing each week’s match up but this week they could have gone too far, according to some rival fans.

The Eagles tease video for Week 12 against the Bears features animated DeSean Jackson, Michael Vick, Jeremy Maclin and Shady McCoy cruising around in a sedan playing the roles of the Chicago-based Blues Brothers.

I’ll let Maggie Hendricks over at NBCChicago’s Grizzly Detail Blog explain why this will get under the skin of Bears fans:

They use our beloved movie, Blues Brothers, as inspiration for a short cartoon that depicts the Eagles offensive stars getting tons of touchdowns, then shows our beloved quarterback Jay Cutler as a turkey.

Really, Philly? That's the route you want to go? We, of course, are far too classy to ever toy with their movie about that boxer, but class is not something Philadelphians are known for.


Well you can’t blame Bears fans for being bitter even if the game preview cartoon seems nothing more than being done in good fun.

And I think Bears and Eagles fans alike can get a laugh from how ridiculously comical Maclin looks in the video.

Philly's own CrossingBroad blog took a shot back at Grizzly Detail for Chicagoans putting Flyers Chris Pronger in a skirt during the Stanley Cup Final.

Oh yeah, but there is one other thing as Grizzly Detail points out:

The crazy thing is that they have Vick playing the part of a freed convict. Isn't that a bit too on the nose, Philadelphia?

So what do you think of the Birds latest multimedia blast -- is it all in fun or does it step over the line?

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