Dream Team 2.0: Shady Guarantees Championship

Please, make it stop!

After last year's Eagles squad was cursed before they ever took the field by Vince Young's "Dream Team" comment, you would think that veteran players would boast less in public. Apparently not.

Eagles Pro Bowl running back LeSean McCoy guaranteed a championship for this year's squad during an appearance (with Arian Foster) on ESPN Wednesday morning to promote the new Madden 13 video game.

"I'm on the 'Dream Team,' this year we're guaranteeing a championship and I would love to be on the Madden cover," McCoy said.

Presumably Shady was riding the high of the Eagles latest acquisition, two-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker DeMeco Ryans. That move should more than plug a major hole in the defense.

Foster, Ryans' former teammate, addressed the move to Philly.

"He's just been there for me and a lot of the guys on our team," Foster said. "It's just a tremendous loss for our organization and our city."

But fans would be right to be wary of predictions of greatness after last season. "Dream Team" didn't doom the Eagles; more than enough blame can be attributed to coaching and personnel decisions (including signing Young). The national media, however, seized on the comments and never stopped talking about it.

Put in context with the Eagles disappointing season, "Dream Team" lingered longer than it ever should have, tainting every discussion of the team.

If only young, confident players like Shady could stick to proving themselves out on the field. Sometimes when they open their mouths trouble seems to follow.

At least Shady put things in perspective and told the folks at ESPN what the Birds need to do to actually live up to the hype.

"We gotta stay together as a team... I think right now we have the right mind frame," Shady said. "As long as we stay humble and play one game at a time, we should be fine."

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