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2017 NBA Draft: Top 10 Prospect for the Sixers



    2017 NBA Draft: Top 10 Prospect for the Sixers
    2017 NBA draft: Top 10 prospect for the Sixers

    The NBA draft lottery is upon us and the Sixers could be in for a fun night.

    Everyone is convinced the Sixers absolutely have to draft a guard. I'm not so sure. If they get the No. 1 pick, they have to draft Washington guard Markelle Fultz. Otherwise, they should keep their options open. 

    This was meant to be a top 10 prospect list with the Sixers in mind, but with no centers in the top 10, almost everyone should be in play.

    Here are my top 10 prospects for the Sixers in the 2017 NBA draft.

    1. Markelle Fultz, PG, Washington, 6-4/195
    Fultz is a silky smooth guard who's best with the ball in his hands but is a good enough shooter to play off the ball (41 percent from three). He's been considered the best player in the draft for most of the college basketball season.

    How he fits the Sixers: Like a glove. Fultz is an outstanding scorer (23.2 points a game) that doesn't need the ball in his hands all the time. He shot 38 percent on his catch-and-shoot opportunities. The pick and rolls with Fultz and big man Joel Embiid would be difficult to defend. I see a little James Harden in his game.

    2. Josh Jackson, SF, Kansas, 6-8/203
    Jackson is a long, athletic wing who is known for his defense but also has legitimate slashing ability. He struggled with his shot at Kansas. But he came to the Jayhawks with the reputation as a strong shooter and did improve as his freshman year went on.

    How he fits the Sixers: While the Sixers desperately need a guard, young swingmen like Jackson are hard to find. Jackson is sort of like former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins but profiles as a better defender who's not as strong offensively. If he can hit shots consistently, he's a future All-Star.

    3. Lonzo Ball, PG, UCLA, 6-6/190
    If not for his dad, we'd simply be talking about one hell of a basketball player. Ball is explosive and has outstanding court vision (7.6 assists per game). His jumper is unorthodox, but it gets the job done (41 percent from three).

    How he fits the Sixers: From a basketball standpoint, he makes more sense than people think. There is a thought that Ball wouldn't be able to coexist with Ben Simmons. I'm of the belief that having two elite passers wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. I do worry about Ball's dad LaVar when Lonzo is playing third fiddle to Simmons and Embiid.

    4. De'Aaron Fox, PG, Kentucky, 6-4/171
    Every year there's a prospect that improves so much during the season that his stock explodes. Fox is that player this year. He's lightning quick and physical on defense. There are legitimate concerns about his jump shot (25 percent from three).

    How he fits the Sixers: I love Fox's game, but he doesn't fit the Sixers at all unless he can hit jumpers consistently. Fox says his shot is improving. Can he convince the Sixers enough to draft him? If he does, Simmons and Fox leading the break would be a lot of fun.

    5. Malik Monk, SG, Kentucky, 6-4/197
    Fox's teammate was instant offense for the Wildcats this season. He averaged 19.8 points a game and shot 40 percent from three. He also hit big shots, almost bringing Kentucky back against eventual national champion North Carolina in the NCAA Tournament.

    How he fits the Sixers: Other than Fultz, Monk might fit the Sixers better than any lottery prospect. There's concern about Monk's size defensively to guard NBA twos. The Sixers won't have that issue with Simmons playing the point. If Monk buys into Brett Brown's system, he's quick enough to cover ones at the next level.

    6. Jayson Tatum, SF/PF, Duke, 6-8/204
    Tatum is an excellent scorer (16.8 points per game) who shows promise defensively. He's a tweener at 6-foot-8 which makes him a matchup nightmare for opponents. His three-point shooting was inconsistent, but he shot 85 percent from the line, so there could be more potential there.

    How he fits the Sixers: He'd be an intriguing fit. Is he athletic enough to cover NBA threes? If he is, than he and Dario Saric could make for an interesting forward tandem. It would also give the Sixers even more size and length in their starting lineup. I'd like to see his shot fall a little more consistently.

    7. Jonathan Isaac, SF/PF, Florida State, 6-11/205
    Isaac is really intriguing. He was a 6-5 guard in high school who had a growth spurt. He has guard skills but he's still growing into his slender frame. He was also an outstanding shot blocker (1.5 blocks a game). His shot has potential but was inconsistent.

    How he fits the Sixers: Selfishly, I'd love this pick because Isaac is one of my favorite prospects. I think he's athletic enough to cover wings but he didn't get that opportunity often in college. Once he grows into his body, he could be the kind of player that defines positionless basketball. The Sixers could have a giant starting five of Embiid, Saric, Isaac, Simmons and *insert point guard here*. I will admit, Isaac only makes sense to take if the Sixers land two lottery picks.

    8. Dennis Smith, PG, NC State, 6-3/195
    Smith doesn't have great size but he's an explosive athlete. He won ACC Rookie of the Year averaging 18.1 points, 6.2 assists and 1.9 steals a game. He was a redshirt freshman this season after tearing his ACL last year.

    How he fits the Sixers: Smith would be another excellent fit to play the in the backcourt with Simmons. His shot needs to improve a little but he gets to the basket at will and can score in isolation. Other than Smith's size, there aren't many holes in his game.

    9. Frank Ntilikina, PG, International, 6-5/170
    Ntilikina is worth the hype as a lottery prospect. He doesn't get much of a chance to show his skills for his professional club in France, but he shined in the U-18 European Championships. He was named the MVP of the tournament, putting up 31 points in France's championship game win.

    How he fits with the Sixers: Sixers fans likely wouldn't be thrilled with this selection, but Ntilikina would actually fit really with Simmons. He has tremendous defensive potential and can shoot the basketball. He needs to tighten his handle and his limited professional experience might hurt him.

    10. Lauri Markkanen, PF, Arizona
    Markkanen is the best pure stretch four in the draft (42 percent from three). He's also a strong rebounder (7.2 per game) and played a big role for Arizona.

    How he fits the Sixers: Another seven-footer?! If the Sixers can get their hands on any of the aforementioned guards, Markkanen would be a bad pick. If they're left choosing between Tatum, Isaac and Markkanen at No. 7 (the worst pick the Sixers can get), you could make an argument for Markkanen being the best fit because of his ability as a knock down shooter.