Carlos Ruiz Takes Out Billboard on I-95 Thanking Philly Fans

Carlos Ruiz always made the fans happy. So it's no surprise that even after his departure for the potentially playoff-bound Los Angeles Dodgers, he took the time to put up a billboard on I-95 thanking the fans of Philadelphia.

The image of the billboard was posted to Twitter by Phillies beat writer Matt Gelb. It reads:

I loved playing for you. You will always be in my heart. Thank you, Philly! -Chooch

You may recall the similar message he left in the Phillies' team clubhouse the day he left them for Los Angeles.

Chooch is simply lovable.

He hasn't exactly torn it up for the Dodgers in limited action since the trade. He's notched a pair of hits in 16 plate appearances over 6 games. The Dodgers currently have a 4 game lead over the Giants in the West so we're hoping for one last run of Senor Octubre.

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