A Phillies Phan's Perspective of the Stale-Aired Trop

Except for the overpriced and not-so-tasty food options, the cramped concourses, the stale air, the strange dome, the weird lighting, the ill-placed catwalks, and the astroturf that makes the Vet look like Longwood Gardens, I have to say I enjoyed my trip to the Trop.

Tropicana Field was very loud for Game 1, and yes, those annoying cowbells were loud. If you want to recreate the atmosphere, lay on the ground and let a friend slam the concrete next to your head with an aluminum bat. That will come close.
There were plenty of Phillies fans in the house -- the aforementioned tight concourses rang out with Phillies chants whenever one red shirt came in contact with another. The Rays fans were respectful. They supported their players and booed ours, but it was all in good fun. I hope our fans treat them with the same level of respect when they come to Philly this weekend.

Rays fans visiting CB Park may be bummed to find we don't have any animals caged up in our outfield. That aquarium full of rays in right-center field is kinda creepy. The water is kinda gray and murky, and I have to believe those graceful creatures would rather live out in their natural habitat, or even up the road at Sea World.
As for the game? A win is a win, but c'mon, we can’t expect to win this series leaving so many runners on base, let alone so many on third. We have to play better small ball.

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