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Gonzalez would have fit perfectly

Tony Gonzalez would have been the player to take Eagles to the next level.



    Gonzalez would have fit perfectly
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    Quarterback Donovan McNabb could have used another target.

    Andy Reid missed a big opportunity to take the Eagles to the next level before the trade deadline.  Tony Gonzalez would have sured up the tight end position and made up for an invisible LJ Smith

    Donovan used to excel with a stable Chad Lewis at the position and the fans were always enticed by the upside of LJ Smith.  But the time has come to move on from the player that doesn't fight for his passes and get knocked on his butt in blocking assignments. 

    However, Andy Reid failed to give up enough to steal the Perennial Pro-Bowl tight end from the lackluster Kansas City Chiefs.  Why do you have two first round draft picks next year when you can't use one to steal a sure bet at one of your weakest positions.  LJ has had his moments, but Gonzalez is there every play and would have done wonders for Donovan when other players are struggling. 

    Andy, why can't you make the move that would have added one of the best players in the league.  I'm sick of our franchise tight end, its time for him to go!