Rock The Boat…I Mean Vote

One house, three different points-of-view

All families have their feuds but one look at the DeLellis' Warminster'll see theirs advertised.

Dad Tom is for McCain.  Son Anthony is for Obama.  And mom Pat, well mom, is undecided.

They are a melting pot of this heat-filled presidential election and two signs in their front yard, one McCain/Palin, the other Obama/Bide illustrates a house divided.

The family feud began when Tom put a McCain sign in his yard.  Quick too rebut, Anthony advertised his pick with an Obama sign.

The biggest decision is not who they'll vote for but who's sign gets top billing.  That means who's sign will be the first in line to be seen when drivers pass by.

The feud has made for heated dinner conversations, but Tom says he gained an important endorsement...his cat Mr. Man who he claims now supports McCain.  Why?  "Because he's my cat and I say so," said Tom.

Tom will vote McCain based on the Republican nominee's experience.  Anthony, 19 and voting in his first election says Obama won his vote because of his tax plan and the economy.  Pat says she'll decide when curtain closes in the voting booth.

After tomorrow Pat will still play mediator...she will place black roses on the sign of whoever loses.

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