Judge: Cantor Threat Suspect ‘Not Competent'

Man accused of threatening congressman will go to prison hospital for treatment

The Philadelphia man accused of threatening the life of a high-ranking GOP congressman has been ruled incompetent to stand trial.

Norman LeBoon, 38, claimed Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor was "Lucifer" in a video he recorded and then uploaded to YouTube, the FBI alleges. The man then allegedly threatened the lives of Cantor and his family.

At a hearing Tuesday, federal prosecutors argued LeBoon suffers from multiple personalities and thus was not competent.

The Frankford man has called himself the "Messiah" in handfuls of videos on his YouTube account [NSFW]. The FBI says he made the same claim in the video with the alleged threat.

The federal magistrate sided with the prosecution, ruling LeBoon currently incompetent. He will be sent to a prison hospital in North Carolina for psychiatric treatment.

LeBoon's public defender Kai Scott chose not to challenge the ruling. The man can later be found competent to stand trial.

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