Decision 2020

Pennsylvania Certifies Nov. 3 Election Results, Gov. Wolf Says

The procedural step that puts a stamp of finality on a statewide election usually goes unnoticed, but this year it became a newsworthy milestone as an incumbent president seeked to overturn the results.

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Pennsylvania's results from the Nov. 3 general election were certified by the Secretary of State on Tuesday, according to Gov. Tom Wolf, which puts a procedural bow on a process going through the final stages of litigation.

The normally ho-hum event, required by law each election, essentially finalizes the outcome and begins the endgame of awarding Joe Biden the state's 20 electoral college votes.

President Donald Trump, who lost Pennsylvania by some 81,000 votes, has yet to concede the re-election race he lost to Biden and still has an appeal pending in the Third Circuit court asking judges to halt Pennsylvania's certification.

That appeal has been widely cited as having little to no chance of succeeding.

On Monday afternoon, 20 days after the election and 16 days after every major news organization in the United States called the presidential race for Biden, the General Services Administration of the federal government finally acknowledged Biden's victory.

The acknowledgement by the GSA allowed for the transition to officially begin ahead of the Jan. 20 inauguration.

Trump has yet to concede the race, setting a modern precedent by failing to acknowledge the seamless transition of power that has been a hallmark of American democracy.

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