“Ready, Set, Bag!” Takes You to National Grocery Bagging Championships

After two years on the film-festival circuit, "Ready, Set, Bag!" is poised to hit theaters next month. It is without question the finest feature-length documentary ever made about the world of competitive grocery bagging.

The film follows eight state champions as they prepare for their date with destiny in Las Vegas, where one of them will be crowned as the nation's best.

As you would expect from a group people who take such a mundane task so seriously, there are some, well, characters.

The film comes from Alex D. da Silva and Justine Jaco, who made the 2006 doc "Runner's High," about a bunch of East Oakland teens training for a marathon.

Before you dismiss celebrating such a "skill," consider for a moment how many times some teenaged jerk has absolutely destroyed your groceries with some sloppy bagging. If thing's worth doing, it's worth doing well -- and if it's worth doing well, it's worth crowning a champion.

"Ready, Set, Bag!" hits theaters Aug. 6 accoridng to the iTunes Movie Trailers page.

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