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Family Reunited With Dog 7 Years After She Went Missing



    It was a homecoming one South Florida family never thought they'd see. Their beloved Boston Terrier Lola healthy and ready to come home, seven years after they last saw her. (Published Monday, June 1, 2015)

    A South Florida family has been reunited with their beloved Boston Terrier Lola seven years after they last saw her. 

    "Lola! Oh my God, look at her. I can't believe it," said Julie Arango while she and her daughter Celina played with the pet.

    Lola likely ran away after digging holes under the fence in the family's backyard. The family learned their lost pooch had been found more than half a decade later when they received a phone call from Linda Gall.

    Gall found the dog on Craigslist Sunday and took her in as her own. She brought Lola to a vet's office in Plantation and a microchip revealed she belonged to someone else. 

    Gall said the people who have been caring for the pooch for the last seven years were downsizing and had to give the dog away.

    "Yes I'd love the dog but ... it belongs to the right owner and it's going to them," Gall said.

    Julie Arango, remembering the call that led up to the happy reunion, said Gall was "adamant saying 'You're Julie, you had a Boston Terrier and her name was Lola.' I said, 'that was so many years ago.' She said, 'I have your dog.' I said 'no,' incredible." 

    For Celina Arango, the news was almost too good to be true. She was just 12-years-old when Lola got away and has held onto a photo of her old pet.

    "I didn't believe it. I've heard stories of looking online trying to find the same dog and people say I think it's your dog and it's not, there's no way that's my Lola. But that for sure is my dog," Celina said.

    Celina turns 19 on Wednesday, so she considers the reunion as the perfect birthday gift.

    She plans to take Lola up to Orlando where she's attending Valencia College.

    "I'll take her with me and get comfy with her sleeping in my bed with me ... just be happy up there," Celina said. "Even though it's been seven years, we're going to pick up right where we left off."