Woman Arrested 3 Times in 2 Months on ID Theft Charges

Lt. Allen Cummings of the Pennsville Township Police Department says officers are tired with dealing with Angela Zane.

“At some point, it’s going to end,” he said.

Zane, 34, was arrested for the third time in two months on Wednesday on identity theft charges.

The Pennsville woman's troubles began back on Feb. 6, when she was arrested for allegedly stealing the identities of her own five children to open accounts with several businesses. Between 2002 and 2013, police say Zane stole their identities to create false accounts for phone, cable and electric service, according to NJ.com.

After being processed and released, Zane was arrested once again two weeks later. Investigators say Zane claimed Hurricane Sandy damaged her home last November and filed a fraudulent disaster claim with FEMA. It turns out however, that her “home” was actually a boarded up house in Pennsville Township owned by another person and had been vacant long before Sandy’s arrival. Police say Zane ended up collecting $12,000 in benefits from FEMA.

“She had used other people’s identities,” said Cummings. “She forged some documents that stated she was renting a house in Pennsville which she received the check for.”

Zane was charged with theft by deception, identity theft, falsifying documents and other related charges.

After getting out on bail once again, she was arrested a third time on Wednesday. This time, police say, she used someone else’s name and credit to get $750 worth of heating oil delivered to her house.

When asked today what she did with the money she received from FEMA, Zane had a quick reply.

"Bail me out," she said. "And I'll give you the full story."

Zane is currently being held in the Salem County Prison on a $50,000 bond.

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