Fake Celebrity News Targets Local Readers

Is a celebrity migration from Hollywood and into small American towns the new trend of 2016?

Are celebrities migrating from Hollywood into small American towns in 2016?

Rumors are swirling on social media that A-listers are moving to our area- but don't fall for the hoax!

Social media has seen a surge in the proliferation of fake celebrity news.

Have you seen these claims on your timeline?

KPUR 7 reported Lady Gaga saying, “I’m just tired of the L.A. lifestyle and I feel like, at this point in my life, I’d rather just live in a place full of real, genuine people," in a story claiming she and actor husband Taylor Kinney were moving to Philly.

And speaking of a Bad Romance, The McKenzie Post claimed that Katie Holme's ex Tom Cruise felt “tired of the Hollywood lifestyle” and was eager to move to Beaver Falls just outside of Pittsburgh.

These and other local “news” stories are purely satire, but even accredited outlets are spreading fake stories.

Philadelphia’s Q102 reported that DiCaprio was looking for "a simpler way of life in Swedesboro" in a brief article claiming the Revenant star was moving to NJ.

While the origin of these hoax posts remains unclear, people are quick to click and share. If anything, advertising revenue has increased on social media which could explain why they keep coming.

Although they spread misinformation, these stories don't seem to do much harm (besides getting your hopes of, of course).

As much as we would all love to bump into Leonardo DiCaprio at the grocery store, beware of fake celebrity news saturating your social media.

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