NJ Power Plant Implodes in Demolition Project

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If you heard a boom in South Jersey Thursday morning, it most likely came from a planned implosion.

As part of an ongoing redevelopment project, the former B.L. England cooling tower in Upper Township was imploded Thursday around 9:30 a.m., according to a statement from developer Beelsey’s Point Development Group LLC. 

Controlled Demolition was hired by Beelsey’s for the demolition and acquired all necessary state and local permits for the project. 

“Great care and preparation has been taken leading to the event to assure local and state compliance as well as the safety of the community,” the developer said in the statement. 

Ahead of the implosion, the interior “packing” of the cooling tower was already removed and transported to the Cape May Landfill. The point of implosion was also wrapped in chain link fence and fabric to prevent any debris from leaving the demolition area, the developer said.

Water and dust suppression technology will also be running in the area to limit traveling dust, the developer said.

The timing of the implosion was also planned to ensure that children were in classrooms and not in transport during the boom, the statement said, adding that it's also unlikely that school children would hear the demolition as the closest school is over a mile away from the demolition site.


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In addition, the closest home to the cooling tower is over 3,200 feet away and “very unlikely” to feel any vibration from the demolition, the developer added.

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