Local Firm Hosts Virtual Career Fair for Veterans

Nearly two dozen big-name companies will be recruiting veterans Wednesday afternoon. But they will be doing it virtually., founded by Kevin O’Brien, is based out of Bucks County and serves to place veterans in jobs when they return from overseas.

“Philadelphia ranks 85th out of 100 as far as biggest cities and best cities for veterans,” O’Brien said. “I think it’s awareness, and that’s what we’re hoping to accomplish with this campaign.”

The site changed Navy veteran Shawn Lightfoot’s life. Lightfoot works for Philly-based Aramark, managing the staff who stock food and drinks on Amtrak trains in the Northeast corridor.

“Aramark has hired hundreds of veterans over the years because of their work ethic,” said Roger Peterson of Aramark. “We’re in a people business at the end of the day, and veterans bring leadership and a focus on getting the job done.”

These career fairs have placed more than 100,000 veterans in jobs.

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