Vandals Target Chesco Home

“I’m afraid to move in. I have this beautiful home in a beautiful neighborhood that is very safe from what I hear yet I’m petrified.”

Denise Sedor’s new home in Devon, Pa. has been vandalized several times over the past few months. Strangely, Denise doesn’t even think that she’s the intended target, yet she certainly feels like it.

Since April, a garden hose was smashed through the back window and turned on, roofing nails were dropped on the driveway and stone pavers were thrown through the front windows.

The most serious incident occurred last Sunday when a fire burned under the first floor of the home.

“They took the propane cylinder and put it into the vent where the wood is,” said Denise.

The words “pay your subs” were also spray-painted on the back of the house, leading to speculation that the builder of the home was the actual target.

Police say that they’ve contacted the home builder and are trying to confirm documents he supplied showing that subcontractors have been paid. NBC10 was unable to reach the home builder.

Denise and her family are living in temporary housing while police go through surveillance video that they’ve installed inside the house.

“It may not be their intention to hurt anybody but ultimately this could have been a catastrophe,” said Detective Scott Albee of the Easttown Township Police Department.

Regardless of intentions or who the actual target is, Denise just wants the whole ordeal to be over.

“I’m just putting all my faith that they’re going to find this person and hopefully bring it to justice and end it.”

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