2 Men Tie Woman Up Inside Upper Darby Home: Neighbors

Investigators say the suspects may have pretended to be deliverymen in order to enter the home.

A woman cried for help after two men tied her up inside her Upper Darby home Wednesday afternoon, according to neighbors.

The suspects went into the woman’s home on the 6800 block of Clover Lane and tied her up before fleeing through the backdoor of the house.

Investigators have not yet revealed whether anything was stolen. There also was no forced entry and investigators say the suspects may have pretended to be deliverymen in order to get inside.

Tiah "JD" Slanger, the woman’s neighbor, told NBC10 he heard the woman screaming for help. He then called 911.

“I could hear it from here and she was across the street. ‘Please help! Help! Somebody please, please help,’” Slanger said. “You know, she was screaming.”

The woman, who is in her 30s according to neighbors, was taken to the hospital and was later released. Slanger said she appeared to be walking under her own power before going inside the ambulance.

No arrests have been made and police have not yet released a description of any suspects.

Another neighbor told NBC10 that just last week a man claiming to be a deliveryman came to her door.

"I didn't order anything or get anything so I just let them know no one in this household ordered or delivered anything," she said.

The woman yelled through her window and refused to let the man inside.

"I feel like I've gotta be really extra careful now," she said.

Police continue to investigate the incident.

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