5 Charged in Bucks County for $66,000 Turnpike Toll Theft

Five alleged toll evaders from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, got a big surprise from the local District Attorney's office.

The residents and apparently frequent Pennsylvania Turnpike drivers were busted for allegedly skipping out on thousands of toll fares, the county DA said in complaints filed.

Bucks County "is home to some of the most frequently flouted Turnpike interchanges," the DA's office said in a press release.

Criminal complaints filed last week accuse the five motorists of more than 1,700 combined violations totaling more than $66,000 in tolls owed to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

John J. Quinty, 37, of East Greenville, Montgomery County, allegedly traveled along the turnpike illegally 542 times accumulating a debt of almost $23,000, his complaint says.

Rachel A. Andershonis, 26, of Bensalem, allegedly used the turnpike in her hometown 311 times. According to a criminal complaint, she racked up almost $20,000 in fines.

Antonio R. Green Jr., 31, of Bensalem, allegedly took 97 unpaid turnpike trips through Bensalem; consequently, he has earned himself a bill of over $4,000.

Thomas A. Macrina, 40, of Warminster, according to a criminal complaint, allegedly has illegally taken 331 unpaid turnpike trips and has accrued a debt of over $3,500.

Robert A. Mansfield, 48, of Philadelphia, allegedly took 484 illegal trips on the turnpike and acuminated over $16,000 in debt.

Arraigned by District Judge Joseph P. Falcone, four of the five defendants were charged with a single felony count with bail set at $20,000 each. Thomas Macrina has not yet been arraigned. Also, all suspects but Mansfield were charged for driving without being properly licensed.

Criminals are typically caught as they travel through the E-Z pass lanes, where cameras photograph their licensed plates. The amount of money each driver owes is calculated based on their entrance and exit locations.

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