Transgender's Voodoo Ceremony Death Ruled Accidental

People travel from all over the world to see South Jersey voodoo priest Houngan Hector Salva and take part in his ceremonies.

Lucie Marie Hamilton came all the way from Arkansas during the summer and died during a "spiritual cleansing" at Salva's home in Gloucester Township. Her death – which was never considered suspicious -- was ruled accidental on Monday by the Camden County prosecutor's office and the case was closed.

Lucie, a male-to-female transgender, died from the combined effects of "physical exhaustion, ambient room temperature and an oxygen-depleted atmosphere," according to The Daily News.

"It's just so bizarre. I wish things had been a little more conclusive," Lucie's mother, Karen Thompson told the paper.

Lucie, 20, went through a Lave Vet "cleansing" ceremony with the voodoo priest.

"The Lave Tet improves the ability for possession, clears the mind, clarifies abilities for seeing and substantially improves the life of the individual in all areas," according to Salva's Web site.

After the ceremony, Salva said Lucie took a nap and when he couldn't wake her up, he called 9-1-1.

Salva was never a suspect and was never charged in connection with Lucie's death. In July, Salva told the Daily News that he thought she died because "that's God's choice."

"I just think he was young, stupid and negligent," said Lucie's mother. "I want people to know that someone died under his care."

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