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Crews Dismantle Ventnor Boardwalk to Remove Truck After Miles-Long Ride Down Boards

Truck driver gives no explanation for boardwalk ride through 2 Jersey Shore towns

What to Know

  • The driver gave no explanation for nearly 2.5-mile ride down the boardwalk.
  • Crews had to dismantle part of the Ventnor boardwalk to get the truck turned around.
  • Police expect to issues moving violations to the driver.

A strange sight on the Ventnor, New Jersey boardwalk Wednesday morning as a wayward big rig wound up stuck on the wooden walkway. The incident prompted an hours-long operation with crews dismantling and reconstructing the boardwalk.

The tractor-trailer driver drove onto the boardwalk at Albany Avenue in Atlantic City around 5:30 a.m. then drove nearly 2.5 miles down the boardwalk – almost the entire length of Ventnor – before coming to a stop near Washington Avenue, police said.

"Never a dull day," said a passerby as Ventnor city employees worked to remove the 18,000-pound vehicle.

Public works crews took down railings, piled up sand and put down wooden planks to help the truck make its turn as part of the boardwalk remained closed for about three hours.

Crews first removed the truck cab then brought in a tow truck to remove the trailer, which was empty.

The driver didn’t answer any questions as he left the scene after daylight Wednesday. Police say he will face several moving violations.

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There was no obvious damage done to the boardwalk, but a structural engineer would be brought in to check out the structural integrity of the elevated walkway.

The driver’s ultimate destination wasn’t clear.

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