Woman Charged $780 After Towing Company Removes Car From Flood Waters

A Delaware woman says she’s being charged nearly $800 by the same towing company that rescued her car from a flood.  

“I kind of feel like he stole my car,” India Brice said.  

Brice told NBC10 she mistakenly drove her car into flood waters Monday on Governor Printz Boulevard in Wilmington. Brice reached out to Baul’s Towing Company and her car was successfully removed from the water. 
Brice claims she then told the company to bring her car to her mechanic. Instead however, they took it to their own yard in Elsmere and left her with a hefty bill.
“They took it here, locked my car up, charged me $780 and now they’re saying it’s $50 a night too,” Brice said. “I didn’t ask for my car to be here so why are you charging me $50 a night?’
NBC10 was there as the owner of Baul’s briefly spoke with Brice.
“I don’t have paperwork or a receipt,” Brice said. “You never took my information, you don’t have my insurance and you don’t have my name. You didn’t take anything. You just took my car and locked it up in your junkyard and charged me $780.” 
“You asked us to tow your car,” the owner said. “We did exactly what you told us to do.”
The owner had no comment when NBC10’s Tim Furlong asked him if he told Brice up front that the price would be $780. The owner later told Furlong the $780 was for the recovery from the water as well as the 10-mile tow. The owner also admitted he should have given Brice a price before he touched her car.
Brice told NBC10 she plans on taking legal action.
“We’ll settle this in court,” she said. “It’s a court matter.” 
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