Husband, Wife and Grandson Die in Philadelphia Row Home Fire

A family member says the couple's grandson was visiting from Iowa at the time of the fire.

Loved ones are mourning a husband, wife and their grandson who died in a fire at a two-story row home in Philadelphia's Overbrook neighborhood.

The fire started inside a home on the 5400 block of Diamond Street shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday. Cliff Hickman, 84, his wife Annie Hickman, 70, their 30-year-old grandson Tyreke Johnson, and a 19-year-old man were all inside at the time. Neighbors were awoken by the smell of smoke and the sound of screams as the fire spread inside the house. 

"Banging on the door and I'm hollering up to the window, telling Miss Anne, 'Come out the window! Your house is on fire,'" Karen Tunstall said.

Firefighters arrived at the home and were able to bring the flames under control. Both Annie Hickman and Johnson were pronounced dead at the scene. Cliff Hickman was taken to Presbyterian Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 8:37 a.m. The 19-year-old man was also taken to the Lankenau Medical Center where he is in stable condition.

Markesha Wooding, a family member, was in tears as she talked about the victims.

"He was silly, outgoing," Wooding said. "Yeah, my Uncle Cliff was the same way too. Comedian. My Aunt Anne was a God-fearing Christian woman."

Markesha Wooding, a family member, told NBC10 Johnson is from Iowa and was visiting his grandparents at the time of the fire. 

"He planned a trip," Wooding said. "He wanted to go fishing with all the guys. That's what they do."

Local residents said the Hickmans were loved by everyone in the community.

"Just a great couple," Marcella Daniels said. "Just really sorry. Just really sorry to see them go."

Police say the fire does not appear to be suspicious but they continue to investigate.

Three people have died in a row home fire in Philadelphia’s Overbrook neighborhood. NBC10 has details and is if following the story.
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