The KEYs to the Keystone State Vote

White, working and worried about the economy.

Lots of talk in PA was about whether Barack Obama could get enough of the vote among working class whites to carry the state.

NBC’s exit polling indicates that he did about as well as John Kerry did in 2004 among this group and Obama did somewhat better among whites with college experience.

Non-College White Vote

           Democrats          Republicans
2004       42%                        58%
2008       42%                        56%

In the PA primary, 76% of white working class voters went for Clinton; now they're going for Obama.

Whites w/College Degree

            Democrats        Republican
2004       46%                       54%
2008       52%                       48%

A whopping 9 out of 10 voters in Pennsylvania are worried about the economy.  This group voted for Obama by a 60% to 39% margin.

Union households make up roughly a quarter of the Keystone state’s electorate (26%).

Union Household Vote
64% = Obama
35% = McCain

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