Temple Grads Invite Students to Rate Off-Campus Landlords

A Philadelphia start-up is inviting students to submit reviews of their off-campus landlords.

The team behind the new online site whoseyourlandlord.com wants to bring accountability to the rental market.

Recent Temple graduate Nik Korablin said he hopes the site can become the housing equivalent of rating sites such as rate-my-professor or Yelp.

"There's particular areas in an area around Temple that are actually notorious for not being very good landlords," he said. "And they've started to get bad reviews and that landlord actually contacted us and said, 'Hey I've got all these bad reviews. What can I do about this?'"

He meant what could he do to get the reviews taken down. Korablin hasn't seen a rush of landlords suddenly sprucing up their rentals or responding to complaints ... so far.

The next step is for the site is to develop ways for landlords to go on the website and respond, he said.

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