Very Light Snow Now — Accumulating Slowly

After beautiful sunny skies Monday, Old Man Winter will make his return.

A Winter Weather Advisory is in effect for much of the area for Tuesday and Tuesday night.

The main coastal storm will track well east of our area, meaning that we will not be seeing a major snowstorm.

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Tuesday’s Quick Weather Update:

  • Was some rain overnight, primarily just very light snow Tuesday morning
  • Snow not reaching the ground, the ground is still warm
  • Temperatures are above freezing
  • Should see some accumulation Tuesday
  • 2-4 inches of snow by the end of this thing
  • Snow heavier to the Southwest – York County and Lancaster County
  • 34 degrees in Philadelphia
  • Winds are blowing 14 mph so it feels more like 25 degrees in Philadelphia
  • 33 degrees in Trenton
  • 34 degrees in Wilmington
  • Wind chill will be a factor
  • Northerly winds will drop lower tonight and over the next couple of days

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Smaller snow amounts may not be what you heard on the radio over the weekend, when at least one forecast outfit was predicting huge amounts of snow. They have since backed off tremendously, but the damage was already done.

Once people hear a big snowfall forecast, that's what they remember -- and expect. And, they might not remember exactly what station made that prediction, so we are all affected.

So, if you were expecting a big snowstorm, don't get mad at us -- we never issue snow amounts that far ahead of a storm for that very reason.
The current setup is a very complicated one -- truly a difficult one to predict.

There are several weather features on the map (at upper levels as well as at the surface) that would need to come together for the big storm to happen here. But, that kind of convergence is rare and it doesn't look to be happening this time.

INTERACTIVE RADAR: Track the storm LIVE as it moves through our area

The main storm is too far east, but a wind shift line (or trough) at the surface should act as a focus for moisture.

Steady snow is likely for much of the day and night Tuesday as the trough stalls near our area. Most of the snow will be on the light side and road temperatures are quite warm after the recent mild spell but there could be times when the snow is heavier Tuesday afternoon and night -- sticking on some roads.
Expect on average two to four inches of snow by the time the storm ends. The totals are likely throughout the area, with a bit more to the north and east and southeast of Philadelphia.

For travelers the afternoon rush Tuesday could have more problems than the morning rush hour.

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OF course everything could change so stay tuned to and NBC 10.

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