Strippers Give Lap Dances On Golf Course

PHILADELPHIA -- A popular strip club threw a golf outing Monday, but the entertainment on the course has some neighbors in a tizzy.

Some people were not happy when the NBC 10 Investigators arrived on the scene.

One man did not want the NBC 10 investigators to see what anyone could have seen from a public street. He put his hand in front of NBC 10's camera.

When you looked through the fence of the golf course, anyone could see women in bikinis standing around, strippers from Club Risqué engaging in very risqué activity at the Island Green Golf Course.

The man who tried to block NBC 10's cameras would not talk about what was going on on the golf course and he left after NBC 10 called police about him shoving NBC10's photographer.

Someone who wants to remain anonymous did talk to NBC 10 earlier and alerted the NBC 10 Investigators about strippers bearing more than bikinis in plain view, right in the middle of a residential area.

Within minutes of driving through the Northeast Philadelphia neighborhood, NBC 10's Harry Hairston looked out of the passenger window and spotted a topples woman fondling her breast.

And when Hairston and his photographer stopped for a closer look, they saw more than just fondling.

One by one golf carts pulled up. After a little bit of talking, the golf carts started rocking with lap dancesand when the hot session cooled, the man handed over cash.

NBC 10 showed the video to several area residents.

"It's pretty amazing unbelievable, unbelievable. I'm shocked," neighbor Shawn Gill said.

"It's just disgusting. It's out in the open. It is daytime. What if someone and their family walked by?" neighbor Donna Dibiasio said.

The general manager of the golf course told NBC 10 that he became aware of the activity Monday morning, and while NBC 10's cameras were rolling he was literally throwing the strippers off of the course.

He also contacted the strip club. A spokesperson for Club Risqué told NBC 10 they sponsored the outing and the strippers work for them.

The spokesperson also told said the strippers were supposed to only pose in bikinis.

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