Overnight 30-Degree Temperature Drop, Followed by Nasty Monday Morning Commute

It's time to soak up the sun, but don’t put your coats in the attic just yet. Although Saturday will be warm and sunny, a cold front will arrive Sunday with a 30-degree temperature drop.


Saturday morning at 8 a.m. shows clear, warm weather, with a cold front creeping in from the north.

That's when the Philadelphia area will experience a "back-door front," which is cold air that comes from the northeastern United States. (Think Boston.) This front will bring the plummet, along with clouds and patchy rain or drizzle throughout the day. Temperatures will stay in the 40s most of the day through much of the area.


Sunday morning at 8 a.m. shows the cold front arriving in Philadelphia from the north.

On Sunday evening, the front will continue south, while another begins to come in from Chicago. These two fronts will converge Sunday night, leaving Monday morning stormy. That is why we’ve issued a First Alert, starting at 4 a.m. Monday through 12 p.m. Heavy rain and possible gusty thunderstorms will complicate the morning rush hour.


Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. shows the cold front sweeping over Philadelphia with the front from Chicago coming.

The coldest day of the week will be Tuesday, when gusty winds will make temperatures in the 40s seem even colder. After that, temperatures will return closer to seasonal averages, with highs mainly in the 60s.

As Friday’s temperatures hit the 80’s in some neighborhoods, plenty of people headed outside to enjoy the warmth. From Franklin Square to outdoor dining,
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