Smash and Grab Spree in Gloucester County

Police are searching for a duo who they say is responsible for robbing several businesses in Gloucester County.

Police are searching for two men who they believe are connected to a smash and grab burglary spree in several Gloucester County towns, according to the Gloucester County Times.

It began last Thursday shortly after 3 a.m. when the two men allegedly stole a car and then broke into a sporting goods store at the Gibbstown Shopping Center.

The Times reports the two men stole knives, air soft guns, cash and a steel safe. Surveillance video showed one man in dark-colored clothing and another man in a red hooded sweatshirt with jeans and a white belt, according to the Times.

Investigators say it was the second time the store was targeted in that manner.

The duo then allegedly made their way to Logan Township around 3:45 a.m. where police say they targeted several businesses on Village Center Drive.

“About a half hour later at 3:45 we started to receive multiple alarms,” said Captain Robert Leish of the Logan Township Police Department.

Surveillance video captured the duo breaking the side door of the Village Pub. The Times reports the thieves stole cash from the pub as well as two other businesses. 

Police then say the same men moved to Woolwich Township around 4 a.m. The thieves stole from three businesses at the shopping center at Center Square and Auburn roads.

When police arrived, investigators say the duo managed to escape, abandoning their stolen car and taking off on foot, running through a field.

At this point the thieves left behind some of their stolen property along with the car which police say was stolen in Collingswood, according to the Times. The tag on the car was stolen from the Cherry Hill Mall, according to investigators.

Police believe the same thieves struck again early Monday morning at the Filomena Lakeview Restaurant in Deptford. They were caught on surveillance video breaking into the Filomena, wearing the same clothes they were seen in during the previous robbery.

“4 o’clock this morning they entered through our kitchen window,” said a Filomena employee.

Investigators say they got away with a metal box filled with thousands in cash. With police K-9 units hot on their trail, they left the box in the woods and fled on foot, allegedly taking off in a stolen pickup truck.

Deptford Police were able to relocate the box which they say had around $4,000 in cash inside. The Times also reports that the stolen truck was recovered.

Anyone with information on the crime spree should call their local police department.


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