Mom Confronts Alleged Groper at IKEA

A little girl was groped inside a local IKEA store, according to police.

And when the victim's mom confronted the alleged groper, he said, "do you want me to touch you too?"


The 12-year old girl was with her mom and a friend at the Conshohocken store on Monday.

The mom noticed a guy was following them around the store.

When they got near the registers, James Groesbeck, 27, grabbed the girl's rear end, said police. And that's when the mom challenged him.

The mother alerted an IKEA worker who called police. IKEA security tried to catch the suspect, but he pushed the security officer out of the way and sped off in a silver Honda sedan, according to witnesses.

Groesbeck was identified and taken into custody by the Philadelphia Police Department.

Groesbeck has been arraigned. He has not been able to post his $100,000 bail so he'll get to spend some time at the Montgomery County Correctional Facility until his preliminary hearing next week.

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