Seals Showing Up Along NJ Beaches

An increase number of Beached Seals are coming out of the Atlantic Ocean and onto Jersey Shore beaches, said the Marine Mammal Stranding Center Friday.

Officials with the MMSC said they received eight calls about seals on beaches in Avalon, Ventnor, Long Beach Island, Bayville and Avon by the Sea. The reason for many of these mammals washing up along the shore line is because of the warmer weather over the past week.

With the increase of temperatures, many seals are traveling and chasing food, which leads them to come up the shore to rest up and get some sun.

Some useful tips if you spot a seal or another mammal on the beach would be to contact the MMSC immediately by calling (609) 266-0538 or going to their website.


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Also stay at least 50 feet away from the animal and keep pets away as well, said the MMSC.

Even though these animals look cute, they can become very dangerous. Wild animals are still uncontrollable and can become very violent at any time.

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